Join us on our quest to include people with Learning Disabilities in every aspect of Scottish life.

Include For Good

Include for Good is all about changing attitudes and making Scotland a more equal place. We want to create a world where people with learning disabilities are seen, heard and supported to live their best life.

Meet the Rapporteurs

Change, for good

Include for Good aims to be the catalyst for transformative change, for good, forever, in Scotland.

We are led by the diverse voices of people with learning disabilities who aim to move power and control to people with lived experience.

We aim to change societies view of the status, value and contribution of people with learning disabilities.

We will question the norms and disrupt traditional thinking around learning disabilities.

We are committed to achieving greater visibility and inclusion for people with learning disabilities in all aspects of Scottish life.

Unaligned cogs showing the difficulty processing information,  or slower processing of information learning disabilities can sometimes be associated with
Arrow symbol depicting difficulties following directions often associated with learning disabilities
Time for a game changeR

Why Scotland needs Include For Good

In the wake of a pandemic that has deepened the level of inequality and injustice experienced by people with learning disabilities the time for change is now!

People’s lived experience must drive the change. The Include For Good Programme for Change is led by 10 Rapporteurs, who are all people with lived experience of learning disability.

This is now the moment to be bold, disruptive in our thinking, challenging in our demands and resolute in our goal to bring people with a learning disability from the back of the queue to the front of the queue.

Watch the video to learn more about Include For Good.

Include For Good Video
Symbol for sight issues or being seen, often difficulties associated with learning disabilities
What is a rapporteur

Meet the

The Rapporteurs are people with learning disabilities who will champion the changes that need to take place across all aspects of Scottish society. The Rapporteurs will be inviting decision makers, key influencers and leaders in Scotland to come and speak to them.

These conversations must lead to action being taken to create inclusive opportunities for everyone living with a learning disability in Scotland.

Easy Read and Audio information about Include For Good and the Rapporteur’s role can be found on the More Information button.

You can call us on 0141 248 3733 or email

Meet The Rapporteurs
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Our first steps

SCLD have worked with a group of trusted advisers, people with learning disabilities, who were clear  that change needs to happen. They helped shape our thinking about Include For Good and the role of the Rapporteur.  Our trusted advisers have challenged us to think differently, to go further and to plan to change Scotland for good!

Listen to a poem by Fiona Dawson who is now a Rapporteur, about the journey so far.

Fiona's Poem
continuing the journey

Our next steps

The Rapporteurs are leading the Include For Good programme with the support  of SCLD.

The Rapporteurs will  develop an action plan for the Include For Good programme.

The Rapporteurs will identify and prioritise the key issues.

The Rapporteurs will identify key allies and supporters.

The Rapporteurs will holding their first session with decision makers early summer 2022.

Time for change

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Support US

Are you a Change Maker?

To achieve the transformative change people with learning disabilities require, Include For Good will need many allies in the form of employers, organisations, health professionals, teachers and many others in many  positions of authority. Is this you? If so, The Rapporteurs will want to speak to you! Please complete the following form and we will be in touch to see how you can be involved.

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