Our 1st In-person Development Days

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Nov 28, 2022
10 Mins

Include For Good launched on 2nd May 2022 as part of the Scottish Learning Disability Week.

A lot of work has been going on since then, building skills and relationships within the team, as well as getting practical things sorted such as ensuring all the Rapporteurs have the equipment that they need to do their job. After months of hybrid working with meetings taking place over Zoom, we were so excited to finally get almost the entire team together at our first in-person development day on 11th July. We were very lucky to be supported on the day by Caroline Brown from Heart and Soul Training and Facilitation. She was there to graphically record our meeting.

Graphic by Caroline Brown, Heart and Soul Training and Facilitation

We think that you will agree that she did a fantastic job! Caroline has very quickly become an important honorary member of the Include For Good team.

You can read all about the first in-person meeting

It was so good to be finally working together in one room and we achieved so much in just 4 hours. This meeting was quickly followed up by our second in-person development day on 8th August with a third date planned for September. The team are currently working on the report from 8th August and we will share this with you shortly. Watch this space!

Video update

As well as the written update (see link above) we also trialled a video version which can be found here 

This was very much a first attempt to try out a different way of sharing our update. We liked the fact that it allowed us to present information in pictures, words and sound. There are closed captions available too but they struggled a bit with a West of Scotland accent!

The team are keen to continue to produce updates in this type of format and we are already looking at changes such as the videos being

  • Presented by one of the Rapporteurs
  • Shorter in length, more concise
  • Produced using Zoom

We hope to produce a video update after each of the development days and whenever we have significant news to share with you.

These videos will be shared with you on this news page.

You can also sign up to receive both the written and video updates by email. Simply click below and leave us your details.

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